Sensing Growth Opportunities Globally

//Sensing Growth Opportunities Globally

Sensing Growth Opportunities Globally

“Digital collaboration between large and small business is a $1.5 trillion growth opportunity, equivalent to 2.2% of global GDP.”

According to the Accenture Report — “Harnessing the Power of Entrepreneurs to Open Innovation: The Digital Collaboration Index”, the digital collaboration between large and small business is holding a tremendous opportunity both for corporates and startups.

One of the main challenge for the startups is to find their first customer. And if this customer is a corporate company, that acts as a tipping point to accelerate their growth and gain more tractions.

For the corporates, working with innovative startups for their business needs is an increasing trend that allows them to solve their business problems.

As Oppsense, we are passionate about “sensing the global business opportunities” and “creating fruitful business connections”. We are going to act as a bridge-maker between startups and corporates in this manner.

We are not limited by the countries or the regions. However we have a strong network respectively in Turkey, Israel and Canada and we believe we can create difference in these markets.

According to our product roadmap, Oppsense will be a “Marketplace for International Business Opportunities” and everything will be online. Till then, we will be receiving the inquiries through and our team will be responding immediately. During this process, any feedback will be more than appreciated.

We will base our business model as SaaS and we will not be charging the startups for the connections. We are aware about the challenges for startups so our mission is to “make life easier” for them. In exchange, we will kindly be asking them to leverage and spread the word about Oppsense. For corporates, our pricing will be reasonable in exchange of the service that they will get.

As Lao Tzu says “”A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”.IfOppsense vision sounds interesting for you, we will be happy to connect to take the first step. You may reach us at

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